• Cleaning the air air purifiers

    The 21st century has brought us many strides. The progress industry has been through everything around him and the environment is suffering from its effects.

    The air is transport and therefore receive, the funds by the micro-organisms, ever widespread, frequent. It is fairly easy to spread an epidemic through the air, to get and it is frightening, if we take into account what happens to Ebola virus a few years ago. The whole world had not to fear, even countries on the other side of the globe were praying for the virus on their territory.

    Directly compared to what many people think, it is not only "outside", the risk of offers for our general health. We are not sure, even in our homes. Believe it or not, found a study by researchers of the environment developed that the air inside our homes is dirtier than the air we breathe, if we on the road walk.

    What are we exposed?

    We are exposed, a lot of danger when we breathe. Asthmatic suffering even more than people who have no respiratory diseases. Little children, especially newborns and the elderly are most predisposed to having to suffer from respiratory diseases due to the poor condition of the air we breathe.

    It is not that hundreds of years, the air was safe. No, it was not. There have always been allergens. But progress has given us industry with its high chimneys spread smoke, dark and heavy smoking in the air brought. We have cars that spread also smoke. These create simple high pollution.

    In addition to the pollution, we have the allergens in the air. And most of them are responsible for the asthma crisis today. The smoke of a cigarette can cause a sensitive respiratory system the pollen of flowers and the thousands of different odors mixed into a serious crisis.

    There are also bacteria and viruses, as well as other types of micro-organisms, constant threats. Through these invisible creatures get people in a pneumonia and tuberculosis, diseases that can lead to death if not properly handled.

    How we love our?

    Unfortunately, there are not many things that we can do to protect our family or our environment in the workplace. We can not prevent air pollution, allergens, or micro-organisms in the air that we breathe, and we can not stop breathing either existing.

    The same hand that dirty trying to clean. Industries have developed some air purifiers to reduce the impact of polluted air we breathe.

    Air Purifier, simply try the allergens and to take some of the pollution out of the air. It's something we can do to reduce the impact on our body. It is certainly necessary if we have new babies at home.

    Techniques, there are different techniques available for people who want to create safe - or less dangerous - indoor environment on the air.

    Some air purifiers use electrostatic, adsorbent techniques and Ionizers. Some others are a germicidal UV light and the emission of ions in the air react with the agents that cause may be health problems and to reduce or eliminate. However, there is no air purifier sold for houses in conditions as clean as those in hospitals create.

    We can't control what we breathe, if we are on the road, but we can something to avoid such side effects, when we are at home.

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